The OPPORTUNITY Project is __(Brand Name)__'s reason for existing. The reason we create custom drinkware for our customers is so that... we can fight for OPPORTUNITY.

What We Do

We're proud to be a place that prioritizes hiring refugees, with the hope of helping their new country become a home. A place where they can flourish and grow. The talent and work ethic within these communities who had to abruptly leave their homeland has SO MUCH to offer the American economy. Systemically we need to make sure we're offering them opportunities to participate in the economy... not just for their sake, but also for ours. We're fighting for the idea that everyone deserves an opportunity. The sad reality is that while society gives lip service to this idea, the truth of the matter is that huge swaths of people are excluded from economic opportunity every single day because they're excluded from the workforce.
We're doing our very best to create healthy work environments that go above and beyond to help include refugees in our hiring processes and invest in them once they're here.

How We Do It