Spread Kindness

KINDNESS Projects are our company's attempt & commitment to spreading kindness. But here is the tricky thing with some of the most important things in life, like kindness... They can't be systematized.

They start off with an individual choosing love & generosity in a situation.

So what is a KINDNESS Project? It is simply money we set aside (15% of profit to be exact) from all sales to spread kindness. It might look like buying someone a meal or tank of gas... it might mean creating a scholarship... or offsetting some adoption costs for an adopting family...

We're not entirely sure what it will always look like is the truth. But we want to be ready when opportunities present themselves. And as they do, we want to do our best to share them with you. And have you be the ones spreading it. We put money into the hands of people who have joined the Custom + Kind Giving Team, and put money in their hands to spread kindness. 

Want to be part of the team that helps us spread kindness with the money we set aside? Let us know here!

Got an idea for a way that we could spread kindness? Please let us know here! Maybe it is helping out an individual, organization, or hosting a unique event that makes a statement to the world. Whatever your idea is, we'd love to hear it.