Take A Coat, Leave A Coat, or TACLAC, is one of our annual KINDNESS Projects that we put on. Living in Minnesota means we are used to some harsh winters... unfortunately it also means we have neighbors that are cold and have a hard time getting through those harsh winters. TACLAC is a simple way for neighbors to help care for neighbors. It's a collection of individuals, businesses, and churches coming together to take care of their neighbors.

Want to get involved? We're looking for additional:

  1. Coats (obviously)
  2. Coat Collection Sites
  3. Coat Rack Sites

The demand for coats was much higher than anticipated during year 1... So we've decided we need to collect coats year round. If you have gently used or new coats to give, reach out to us here.

TACLAC Coat Racks by Custom + Kind