1. Where are you based out of? Minneapolis, MN. Proud of it.

2. So these KINDNESS Projects... Your seriously just put money in the hands of people to go and spread kindness? Yup, NAILED IT.

3. Dogs or cats? Silly question. But we're scared to answer publicly. Slide into our DMs.

4. What if one of my items breaks during shipping? We want you to be happy, let us know. It's rare that it happens, but it can. Those custom products can travel a long ways after all.

5. Where can I see how much money has been invested into KINDNESS Projects? Awesome question. If you go to the Fight For Something website, we have a counter that we update quarterly with all of the donations and investments that are being made possible through our customers.

6. I REALLY want to order through your company, but I only want one glass. Can you please make an exception? Super thankful that you want to work with us so badly, and we really wish we could help... but we just can't. 72 units is a firm minimum. Too much work goes into every screen that we make. So as much as you want to give your son-in-law a mug with his face on it for Christmas, we can't help you there Karen.